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Video Trajectometry Testing for Impacts from Foreign Objects (Aircelle)

Video Trajectometry Testing for Impacts from Foreign Objects (Aircelle)

Aircelle, a subsidiary of Safran group, is specialized in integration, design, and fabrication of nacelles for airplane motors. Aircelle works on next-generation nacelles, integrating increasing amounts of composite materials. The use of these materials in structural parts subject to high impact (from birds, debris, etc.) means that the materials must be studied in phases prior to Research and Technology.

When testing foreign object impacts, it is essential to measure the velocity of debris after impact to determine the energy absorbed by the structure. This information is then used in calculation codes.

Aircelle turned to RMS, who employed MVision’s video trajectometry method. The method can be used even if the object becomes deformed or disperses if it appears “slowly” relative to the video acquisition frequency.

The process was applied to Aircelle’s experiments, measuring the projectile's instantaneous velocity and estimating its trend using linear regression. The various trials were measured to an accuracy of several meters per second, a substantial improvement in velocity measurement over pre-existing techniques.

Secteur : Aerospace
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