RENAULT / PSA Peugeot Citroën

Detailed stress analysis

In the interest of a better understanding of products behavior, PSA and RENAULT required some detailed analysis in parallel with the automated large scale analysis.


Analysis of Pyrotechnic System Test Signals

Dassault Aviation has developed pyrotechnic systems for, among other things, separating the stages of the Ariane 5 launcher. In this case, the characterization tests performed to optimize systems were complex and highly dynamic.



Companies need high-performance analysis tools to better understand a product's environment, behaviour, and performance through measurements taken. Specific analysis of transient data (shock) or moving data requires innovative features that can provide the most complete solution possible.

 SignalLAB software is a comprehensive signal analysis tool. It includes many modules (time-frequency, shock, customised mechanical tests, acquisition, etc.) that integrate unique features designed and developed by RMS. These features meet concrete needs in the test industry. Various time-frequency analysis methods and inverse synthesis features allow users to perform quantitative and qualitative spectrum analyses of vibrational or acoustic moving signals (e.g., pyrotechnic shocks or cycle engines). Using Prony method to calculate the shock response spectrum can help identify and characterise shock components (e.g., in a crash test). Features for tallying stress cycles and calculating time-stamped damage can help precisely analyse a life profile (by locating damaging stages of life).

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