Analysis of Vibration Measurements from the A380

Airbus performs flight tests as part of performance and certification tests for its aircraft. Many tests involve the vibrational behavior of various aircraft subsystems, both for the purposes of safety and passenger comfort. Airbus wanted to analyze vibration measurements in a short amount of time as well as detect erroneous measurements—all at a high level of expertise and at low cost.



 With the democratisation of measurement and acquisition methods, the volume of data collected from on-board tests or in test cells has grown. Unfortunately, the number of erroneous measurements increases with the amount of data collected and can have severe consequences. Picking up large amounts of brown-outs or interference can lead to misevaluations of a mechanical object's size. Companies need affordable solutions that help them guarantee the quality of their measurements.


 QualiSig is an automated tool that detects faults and interference in measurements and helps make data more reliable. QualiSig analyses measurement signals and provides a diagnosis for each fault. Users are shown interactive visuals for each fault reported. Information provided by QualiSig helps users understand the types of processing that may be impacted by each fault.


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