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Product life's profile definition in automotive industry (RENAULT / PSA Peugeot Citroën)

Product life's profile definition in automotive industry (RENAULT / PSA Peugeot Citroën)

In the automotive industry and especially within the framework of the mechanical and climatic fatigue design of parts, an essential way to obtain an accurate knowledge of the product life’s profile is to make on- board measurements. This knowledge needs the accumulation of a large amount of data to be able to characterize and synthesize in a statistical way the mechanical stress. Furthermore the data have to be reliable before being used.

PSA and RENAULT have selected RMS for its abilities to validate and process automatically a large amount of data on the one hand, and to propose innovative solutions for these data processing and the life’s profile definition on the other hand.

Software tools for measurement validation have been performed on a large amount of data. It deals with physical measurements defects, problems of coherence between channels, or data recovery on the vehicle bus CAN.
Furthermore DYNA + (a RMS developed software), learns the measurement of a dynamic sensor and replaces it when it cannot be used because of unfavorable environmental conditions, reliability issues or cost (draw wire sensor, torque wheel...).

Concerning the processing, several methods were developed in order to extract exhaustively the different kinds of mechanical stress encoutered during the customers use (shocks, damaging sections, spectrum, stress axis, climatic environment, etc.), and consequently to collect and synthesize them according to adapted severity criteria (demerit, damage, Prony modes, climatic cycles).

These tools and methods are currently beeing used by PSA, in order to obtain an accurate definition of vehicles and subsystems life profile, and therefore to enhance the reliability based-approach of mechanical fatigue design (Method Stress-Strengh analysis Method).

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