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Product life's profile definition in automotive industry

In the automotive industry and especially within the framework of the mechanical and climatic fatigue design of parts, an essential way to obtain an accurate knowledge of the product life’s profile is to make on-board measurements.


Analysis of Vibration Measurements from the A380

Airbus performs flight tests as part of performance and certification tests for its aircraft. Many tests involve the vibrational behavior of various aircraft subsystems, both for the purposes of safety and passenger comfort. Airbus wanted to analyze vibration measurements in a short amount of time as well as detect erroneous measurements—all at a high level of expertise and at low cost.

Process your measurements

Process your measurements

 With the democratisation of measurement and acquisition methods, the volume of data collected from on-board tests or in test cells has grown. The measurements allow researchers to understand environmental stresses on products and define specifications and validation tests suited to the products' life profile.

However, processing costs and the risk of error increase with the number of measurements. Picking up large amounts of interference can lead to misevaluations of an object's size. How can we balance measurement quality and quantity while reducing processing costs?

 RMS provides companies with the 3 essential solutions for large volumes of measurements:

  • Detection of measurement or acquisition error with its QualiSig software. This software can also indicate the processes affected based on the nature of the fault;
  • Development of specialised solutions ranging from automated measurement processing to report writing, including intelligent visualisation of curves and the use of measurement errors previously detected by QualiSig;
  • A high level of expertise in the form of a foundation of software components for processing work in the areas of signal processing, image processing, statistical processing, calculations of mechanical damage, and customisation of tests, vibration processing, and acoustic processing.

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