Software for Characterizing Underwater Dunes

SHOM performs many seabed analyses to better understand the movements and changes of underwater dunes, which can be dangerous to navigation. SHOM needed software for automatically detecting and characterizing dunes to populate a database available to the entire marine industry.


Comfort Analysis System

Keolis is a leader in public transportation and oversees tramway lines in Lyon, France. Keolis wanted to install a system to analyze the comfort and dynamic performance of (Citadis) rolling stock in order to optimize service quality to passengers.

Develop specialized solutions

Develop specialized solutions

 When developing applications with highly technical signal processing features, companies need partners whose qualifications go beyond expertise in software alone. Technical skills in various physical domains and algorithm expertise are also essential.

 The expert qualifications of RMS's collaborators make them perfect partners for designing and developing industrial business applications for digital data processing.

RMS helps design and develop complex systems that require prior feasibility studies.

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