Renault Sport F1

Connecting Rod Torsion

In order to improve motor endurance and performance, Renault Sport F1 wanted to characterize connecting rod torsion response using video recordings taken by high-speed camera on the piston roof.

Carry out your studies

Carry out your studies

 In order to design or improve a product or service, companies analyse feasibility, capacity, robustness, usage, and customer opinion. Whether you are studying customer consumption or usage habits, designing new, more precise algorithms, creating tests that simulate product usage, objectifying customer opinion, or optimising a control-command process, companies need to maintain open relations with an innovative partner who can advise them.

 RMS is a major partner for companies who design products or systems requiring thorough measurement analyses. The company has been certified as a research organization by the ministry of higher learning and research since 1998. RMS works with its clients on projects as varied as consumption modelling for the bakery industry, bathymetric measurement condensation, the designing of endurance tests to simulate customer usage, objectification of comfort, studies of production process sensitivity, and more.

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