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Analysis of Vibration Measurements from the A380 (AIRBUS)

Analysis of Vibration Measurements from the A380 (AIRBUS)

Airbus performs flight tests as part of performance and certification tests for its aircraft. Many tests involve the vibrational behaviour of various aircraft subsystems, both for the purposes of safety and passenger comfort. Airbus wanted to analyse vibration measurements in a short amount of time as well as detect erroneous measurements—all at a high level of expertise and at low cost.

Airbus turned to RMS, who created a semi-automatic data analysis system that did everything from detect measurement errors to produce test reports.

RMS is able to semi-automatically analyse very high volumes of data. The analysis of one test, which required the calculation of 7,000 processing results, can be performed in only one week.


Secteur : Aerospace
Produit/Service : Qualisig / Process your measurements


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