Video Trajectometry Testing for Impacts from Foreign Objects

Aircelle, a subsidiary of Safran group, is specialized in integration, design, and fabrication of nacelles for airplane motors.

RENAULT / PSA Peugeot Citroën

Final-use representative tests definition

Detailed characterization of vehicles and cost reductions are major concern of manufacturers. One way of reducing test costs while maintaining appropriate characterization is accelerated aging simulations.

RENAULT / PSA Peugeot Citroën

Detailed stress analysis

In the interest of a better understanding of products behavior, PSA and RENAULT required some detailed analysis in parallel with the automated large scale analysis.


Analysis of Pyrotechnic System Test Signals

Dassault Aviation has developed pyrotechnic systems for, among other things, separating the stages of the Ariane 5 launcher. In this case, the characterization tests performed to optimize systems were complex and highly dynamic.

Analyze your measurements

Analyze your measurements

In order to better understand a product's behaviour or performance in its environment, companies must have a solid grasp of signal processing and analysis tools with specialised functions. Without this knowledge and means, it is difficult to, for example, understand the propagation characteristics of pyrotechnic shock towards a space launcher's satellite fairing or precisely analyse the contents of a shock signal during a car crash test.


RMS's collaborators are experts in signal processing, image processing, and statistical processing. They have the expertise necessary to thoroughly analyse your measurement signals.


SignalLAB software is dedicated to analysing transient data that includes many modules from different disciplines (time-frequency, shock, etc.). RMS has designed and developed unique processing features to provide solutions to concrete needs expressed by test labs in various industries.


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